IOSH Fire Warden Course

1. Target Group
This program is designed for those personnel nominated as Fire Wardens, performing fire safety routine and emergency tasks and for general staff

2. Delegate Pre-requisites
There is no prerequisites for the IOSH Fire Warden training.

3. Physical and Stressful Demands
Training and/or assessment activities contained within this Standard may include physically demanding and potentially stressful elements. All personnel
who participate in such activities must be physically and mentally capable of participating fully.
Therefore to ensure that prior to participating in practical exercises, the delegates will be required to undergo medical screening by completing
appropriate medical screening form provided by QISC

4. Aims and Objectives
The aim and objectives of the fire warden course is to provide delegates with a suitable level of knowledge and practical experience enabling them to
perform Fire Safety roles within offices, factories or any other business premises.

5. Learning Outcomes / Assessment Criteria
To successfully complete this training, delegates will be able to:
LO 1 Understand the importance of Legislation & statutory requirement
LO 2 State five steps of risk assessment
LO 3 Understand how does fire spreads
LO 4 Understand effects of smoke
LO 5 Understand the benefit of fire door
LO 6 Identify risks of flammable products
LO 7 Understand the plan to handle special need people
LO 8 Understand PEEP requirement
LO 9 State different types of evacuation system
LO 10 State single stage evacuation
LO 11 State what should include on staff training
LO 12 State active and passive fire protection system
LO 13 State the non-emergency routine checks of fire warden
LO 14 State the details in fire safety briefing
LO 15 State the action in discovery of fire
LO 16 State the role of fire warden in an emergency & non-emergency
LO 17 State the method of fire extinguishment
LO 18 State the different types of fire and extinguisher usage
LO 19 Demonstrate safe use of fire extinguisher
LO 20 Demonstrate safe use of fire blanket
LO 21 Demonstrate safe use of handheld hose reel

6. Delegate Performance Assessment / Certification / Validity
Performance Assessment: The course is a competency-based course and includes oral questioning, written assessment and direct observation on practical
exercises. All IOSH course exams are closed book assessment.
Certification: Successfully completed delegates will be issued IOSH Fire Warden Course certificate (certificate issuance will take minimum of 30 days
from the course completion).
Validity: There is no formal validity. But QISC recommends to retake this course once in every two years.

7. Instructor & Delegate Ratio

8. Duration and Timing
8 Hours

9. Venue [-Location ]
On client premises or
Qatar International Safety Centre
Gate No. 9 building – 23 Street – 45
Salwa Industrial Area
Doha Qatar
PO Box 23651

10. For more information
Please contact us direct for availability & costs:
Tel: +974 4450 1223
Fax: +974 4450 1220 /

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