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STCW Elementary First Aid

1. Aims
This model course aims to provide the training for candidates to provide elementary first aid on board ship, in accordance with Section A-VI/1 of the STCW

2. Objective
This syllabus covers the requirements of the 1995 STCW Convention Chapter VI, Section AV1/1, Table A-VI/1-3. On meeting the minimum standard of
competence in elementary first aid, a trainee will be competent to take immediate action upon encountering an accident or medical emergency until the
arrival of a person with medical first aid skills or the person in charge of medical care on board.
The trainee will be able to demonstrate the following:
1. The manner and timing of raising the alarm is appropriate to the circumstances of the accident or medical emergency
2. The identification of probable cause, nature and extent of injuries is prompt and complete and the priority and sequence of actions is proportional to any
potential threat to life
3. Risk of further harm to self and casualty is minimized at all times

3. Knowledge, Understanding and Proficiency
The trainee will be able to understand the following:
1. Assessment of needs of casualties and threats to own safety
2. Appreciation of body structure and functions
3. Position casualty
4. Apply resuscitation techniques
5. Control bleeding
6. Apply appropriate measures of basic shock management
7. Apply appropriate measures in event of burns and scalds, including accidents
caused by electric current
8. Rescue and transport of casualty
9. Improvise bandages and use materials in emergency kit

4. Entry Standards
This course is open to all seafarers who are to serve on board a sea-going merchant ship.
There are no particular educational requirements.

5. Assessment Method
Trainee will be assessed against the learning outcomes specified in section 2 using direct observation and in section 3 using oral and/or written questions
as appropriate.

6. Course Certificate
On successful completion of the course and demonstration of competence, a document may be issued certifying that the holder has met the standard of
competence specified in table A-VI/1-1 of STCW Code with validity of 5 years

7. Course Intake Limitations
Student intake per class not to exceed 16.
Student / lecturer ratio not exceed 16:1 for theory and 6:1 for practical.

8. Staff Requirements
The instructor shall have appropriate training in instructional techniques and training methods (STCW Code, Section A-I/6, para 7).

9. Duration and Timing
1 Day(s)

10. Venue
Theoretical sessions will be performed in QISC’s air conditioned classrooms.
Practical training sessions will be performed in QISC’s state of the art fire fighting facility.

11. For more information
Please contact us direct for availability & costs:
Email: training@madinagulf.com
Tel: +974 4450 1223
Fax: +974 4450 1220
www.qisc.net / www.madinagulf.com

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