Spanset develop and produce lifting straps, round slings and lashing straps made from high-strength synthetic fibres. In the area of ​​occupational safety, SpanSet is a manufacturer of a wide range of personal protective equipment against falls (PPE). Specialists also install collective, permanent and temporary height safety systems. In addition, SpanSet offers a wide range of load handling devices and accessories for lifting and lashing loads, as well as the associated services, such as competent advice, training and sling inspection.

SpanSet maintains a quality assurance system in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, which ensures continuity in further development at every level of its activities in the sense of uncompromising TQM. Safety was and is always a top priority at SpanSet. SpanSet has played a key role in national and international standards work for many years and is usually well ahead of the respective legal regulations with its products. As a basis for production and sales, the European directives and the standards created within the CEN as well as the SUVA directives and regulations are groundbreaking.

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