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Accident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis

1.Target Group
This is a QISC based course dealing with internal workplace accident and incident and near-miss investigations. It is suitable for managers and Health &
Safety representatives.

2.Delegate Pre-requisites
There are no pre-requisites.

3.Physical and Stressful Demands
All personnel who participates in practical activities specified in this course must be physically and mentally capable of participating fully. Therefore, to
ensure that prior to participating in practical exercises, the delegates will be required to undergo medical screening by completing appropriate medical
screening form provided by QISC.

4.Aims and Objectives
The aim of the course is to understand accident investigation terminology, steps and process to carry out accident investigation and root cause analysis.

5.Learning Outcomes / Assessment Criteria
By the end of the course delegate should be able to know;
a) The reasons for good investigation
b) Internal vs External Investigation
c) Preparing & Planning A Response to a Hazardous Event
 Accidents & Dangerous Occurrences
 Exposure to Ill Health and Health Hazards
 Investigation Remit
d) Creating an investigation toolbox
e) Creating and using checklists
f) Securing the scene
g) Involvement of 3rd Parties (HSE, Police, Authority Having Jurisdiction, etc)
h) Root Cause Analysis
 Design failures
 Tools & Equipment failures
 Maintenance failures
 Error-enforcing failures
 Targets & Goals failures
 Confidences failures
 Defenses failures
 Supervision failures
 Procedural failures
i) Probable Causes
j) Near Misses
k) Reportable Incidents
l) Common Failings in Investigations
m) Good Practice in Investigation Reporting

6.Delegate Performance Assessment / Certification / Validity
Delegate Performance Assessment: Delegate performance Assessment is carried through oral questioning and written assessment.
Certification: QISC Approved certificate with three years’ validity.

7.Instructor & Delegate Ratio

8.Duration and Timing
8 Hours (1 day)

On client premises or Qatar International Safety Centre
Gate No. 9 building – 23 Street – 45
Salwa Industrial Area
Doha, Qatar
PO Box 23651

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