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Competent Person Practical Inspection & Record Keeping

Overview (Target Audience)
This training programme is targeted at persons whose work includes a requirement to carry out thorough examination of harnesses and lanyards as a
nominated competent person.

Course Duration
1/2 Day

Course Pre-requisites
Fluent in English

Min & Max No. of Delegates
Minimum: 1
Maximum: 12

Validity Period
2 Years

Course Learning Outcomes
The delegate’s learning outcomes are set out below:
• Understand the importance of traceability for all height safety equipment
• Understand the information required to complete inspection records
• Understand the effects of continual degradation of equipment and when it must be withdrawn from service
• Quarantine and disposal procedures
• Understand the processes for investigating the effects of contaminations and details required for returning them to service.
• Design and testing procedures for height safety equipment

• Be able to inspect/ thoroughly examine harnesses & lanyards for signs of continual degradation and fatal flaws
• Be able to record findings of their inspections/examination

Each delegate will be issued with a certificate of attendance & a photo ID card.

Health & Fitness
All delegates must be able to certify that they are physically fit and have no medical conditions that might prevent them working at height. (A list of
conditions that could affect practical training and work at height are available on request).