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COVID – 19 Awareness and Hand Wash Hygiene

1.Target Group
This course is for anybody seeking for a general awareness on prevention and control of novel coronavirus or COVID -19, and basic guidelines on how
to wash our hands in a hygienic manner.

2.Delegate Pre-requisites
There is no pre-requisite on this course.

3.Physical and Stressful Demands
There are no physical and stressful demands in this course, however thedelegates will be required to undergo medical screening by completing appropriate
medical screening form provided by QISC in order to ensure that the delegates are fit and well to participate fully.

4.Aims and Objectives
The course aims to provide an understanding of the hazards and risks associated with COVID-19 and help you protect yourself and those around you
from spreading of novel coronavirus.

5.Learning Outcomes / Assessment Criteria
1. Upon completion of course participants must be able to:
2. Know what COVID-19 is
3. The symptoms of COVID-19
4. How does it spread?
5. Transfer mode
6. Qatar’s preparedness for COVID-19
7. Guest House Guidelines
8. Home Isolation Guidelines
9. Hand hygiene definition
10.When to wash your hands
11.How to wash your hands

6.Delegate Performance Assessment / Certification / Validity
There is no assessment for this awareness course, however the delegates will be asked with oral questions throughout the course to ensure they are
fully aware of COVID-19 prevention and control guidelines.

7.Instructor & Delegate Ratio

8.Duration and Timing
45 minutes

9.Venue [-Location ]
On Client premises (or)
Qatar International Safety Centre
Gate No. 9 building – 23, street 45
Salwa Industrial Area, Doha, Qatar
PO Box 23651

10. For more information
Please contact us direct for availability & costs:
Email: training@madinagulf.com
Tel: +974 4450 1223
Fax: +974 4450 1220
www.qisc.net / www.madinagulf.com