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Crisis Management & Communications 1.5 Days

This course is designed to test the participation unit’s response to a major emergency involving the installation or onshore emergency response teams,
control room personnel, management team and, where appropriate, the company support team. It enables delegates to conduct a critical review of their
emergency response plan, in compliance with PFEER or COMAH Regulations.

Delegates take part in comprehensive scenarios, which involve all key areas of emergency response organisation. Realistic scenarios are created,
whilst maintaining the operational status of the installation or onshore plant.

Previous Emergency Management Experience is beneficial.

Target Audience
Corporate representatives, emergency response teams, onshore/offshore response personnel and crisis management sectors.

Course Content
 The syllabus focuses on:
 Appraising the performance of emergency response teams, emergency command teams and onshore support teams
 Providing training for offshore and onshore emergency response teams in the command and control of major emergencies
 Testing the adequacy of emergency response plans and procedures and identifying scope for improvement
 Testing interfaces in both plans and procedures between the company, its contractor and other external participants

QISC approved certification.


Held at the client’s premises.

Items to bring

Not Applicable

Dates and Cost
On request.