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Forklift Safety Operator

Scope (Target Audience)
The Course is designed for forklift truck operators with limited or no experience.

At the end of the course the driver should be able to –
 Perform all pre-operating checks
 Understand the safe lifting capacity of any forklift and situations leading to overload
 Understand the stability triangle of any forklift and situations leading to instability
 Manoeuvre safely and efficiently in a restricted space
 Operate the forklift safely, lawfully, correctly whilst interacting with other persons & traffic
 Transport all loads with maximum safety and stability
 Stack & de-stack any load from/to any height with maximum safety
 Communicate correctly and appropriately with others
 Operate the vehicle at a speed commensurate with the condition of the load, surface and environment conditions
 Re-fuel or re-charge any forklift with maximum safety
 Place a machine in/out of service condition
 Shutdown and park in a safe manner and location
 Understand how to cope with emergency situations

Course Content
The syllabus covers:
 Understand safety regulations regarding forklifts.
 Understand basic forklift operating principles.
 Understand how to manoeuvre in a confined space.
 Understand the stability triangle.
 Understand limitations in lifting capacity.
 Understand how to perform pre-use checks.
 Understand how to stack and de-stack safely at various heights.
 Understand how to re-fuel or re-charge safely.
 Understand how to place a machine out of service.
 Successfully complete a written proficiency test.
 Successfully complete an operating proficiency test.


There will be interactive class discussion and verbal questioning throughout each lesson. There will be a written examination in the form of a multiple choice
paper, on which there will be not less than 4 possible answers to each question.
The questions and answers will be written using simple English language to be easily understood by persons who do not use English as a first language.

The practical operating session will be assessed with respect to measurement of the objectives and their subsets. The operator may be asked simple questions
periodically in relation to the operating environment. Briefings will be given relating to specific tasks to be achieved whilst operating. Each operator must be
able to successfully perform each of these tasks in order to be recorded as competent.

Hold a valid, appropriate Qatari license.

Certification & Approvals
QISC Certificate
Operator card issued on request

2 years, then biennial refresher course.

Course Duration
1 day theory
2 days practical.

Maximum Number of Delegates
Theory 6:1 maximum
Practical 6:1 maximum


The theory class can be held at Qatar International Safety Centre, Doha, Qatar. Or at clients own premises if preferred
The classroom at QISC has comfortable seating arrangements for all delegates, with all normal modern teaching facilities, i.e. computer with necessary
peripherals, data projector and/or plasma wide-screen TV, whiteboard, etc.
In the case of the Client providing the classroom, it is assumed that similar facilities will be provided.

The client shall provide a suitable training area within their facility, having a suitable surface, in a safe location away from other work, which may be separated
by barrier from other workers or vehicles, where pallets or other items may be moved and stacked.
Barriers and racks for stacking and de-stacking.
Minimum training area 25 sq/m.

The Client shall provide the fork lift truck to be used for the practical sessions of operator training.
The Fork lift shall be registered and insured in compliance with Qatar law. The vehicle shall be in a good and serviceable condition, with all parts fully functioning,
have a seatbelt for the operator, and at the commencement of each practical training day shall be fully fuelled.

Other Equipment
20 road traffic cones are required in order to conduct the manoeuvring and other exercises.
Quantity 4 wooden pallets approx 1 metre square in good condition.
One long narrow load, e.g. pipe, length approx 4 metres, where possible.

All delegates will be asked to complete a QISC standard medical questionnaire prior to course commencement.

Dates and Cost
On request.