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IATA Dangerous Goods By Air

1.Target Group
Shippers, packers, freight forwarders / cargo agents processing dangerous goods and acceptance staff responsible for dangerous goods shipments.

2.Delegate Pre-requisites
There is no formal pre-requisite required for this course. However delegates are required to have an ability to read and understand English language as
this course will be delivered only in English.

3.Physical and Stressful Demands
There are no physical and stressful demands in this course, however the delegates will be required to undergo medical screening by completing
appropriate medical screening form provided by QISC in order to ensure that the delegates are fit and well to participate fully.

4.Aims and Objectives
The objective of this course is to ensure that students can prepare a dangerous goods shipment in accordance with the requirements of the IATA
Dangerous Goods Regulations or verify that a dangerous goods shipment has been properly prepared for acceptance by an operator.

5.Learning Outcomes / Assessment Criteria
At the end of the course delegates will be able to:
a) Understand and apply the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations
b) Understand their responsibilities
c) Classify dangerous goods according to the type of hazard and degree of danger
d) Identify Proper Shipping Names
e) Identify dangerous goods which are forbidden for air transport
f) Understand and apply the information contained in the List of Dangerous Goods
g) Correctly pack dangerous goods in the appropriate packaging.
h) Mark and label packages
i) Document shipments
j) Accept or reject a shipment based on the above
k) Appropriately handle and stow dangerous goods

6.Delegate Performance Assessment / Certification / Validity
Delegate Performance Assessment: At the end of the course there is an IATA examination with a pass mark of 80%
Certification: Successful candidate will be issued an IATA approved certificate valid for 2 years.

7.Instructor & Delegate Ratio

8.Duration and Timing
First time candidates are required to sit the full 3 day course.

9.Venue [-Location ]
Qatar International Safety Centre
Gate No. 9 building – 23 Street – 45
Salwa Industrial Area
Doha Qatar
PO Box 23651

10. For more information
Please contact us direct for availability & costs:
Email: training@madinagulf.com
Tel: +974 4450 1223
Fax: +974 4450 1220
www.qisc.net / www.madinagulf.com