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Management of Major Emergencies- 4 Days

This course is designed to provide knowledge and experience in the management of major emergencies. For delegates who have actual or potential
prospects of command, the course provides the first stage in the procedure leading to formal competency assessment.
It is based on the OPITO standards for OIM controlling major emergencies and conducted using a generic offshore platform.
This course can also be tailored to personnel employed on different types of installations; e.g. fixed, semi-submersible, FPSO Jack Up.

Delegates take part in practical scenarios and classroom work. The flexibility of the course means it can be adapted to a specific installation, if required.


Target Audience
Personnel from any background who wish to learn more about major emergency management.
Applicable to both on and offshore personnel.

Course Content
The syllabus focuses on:
 An introduction to emergency management performance criteria
 Briefing and debriefing sessions with a final appraisal of readiness for formal assessment
 Classroom lectures, discussions and workshops on the essential elements and underlying principles of emergency management
 Practical scenarios, performed in a custom-built simulator. As well as acting as a member of the emergency team, or as an observer, each delegate
has the opportunity of acting as the emergency manager.

QISC approved certification.

Not applicable.

Held at QISC Premises.

Items to bring

Company specific medical and all delegates will be asked to complete a standard medical questionnaire prior to course commencement.

Dates and Cost
On request

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