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Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPS) Operator

Scope (Target Group)
Managers, supervisors, workers and any personnel involved with the safe operation, use and supervision of mobile elevated work platforms.

This course is designed for participants to understand the engineering principles and safe operational practice of MEWPS.
To give the participants the skill and knowledge required to operate an MEWP safely and effectively

Structure of the Course (Course Content)
 Introduction to the MEWP.
 The different types of MEWP’s.
 Health & Safety Regulations.
 Stability, Identify the maximum load that the MEWP will support.
 Engine start and travel procedure.
 Setting the MEWP up for work, moving the platform to work positions.
 Carry out pre use checks, Servicing and inspection.
 Emergency lowering.
 Refuel/recharge MEWPS safely.
 Operate a MEWP safely, reducing the risk of damage or injury to operators and pedestrians.
 Identify hazards associated with the use of MEWP.

Practical activities
The course is primarily practical and designed to incorporate practical activities to demonstrate and confirm understanding of the areas covered in the
theoretical training.
Where possible practical exercises will involve all the different types of MEWP equipment available.

The course is a competency based course but will include interactive questioning throughout with observation, coaching and feedback of the practical


Certification & Approvals
QISC Approved

2 Years

Course Duration
1 Day

Maximum Number of Delegates
6 Persons: 1 Instructor

Held at Qatar International Safety Centre Premises, Doha, Ras Laffan, Qatar.
Or clients own premises (if suitable) if preferred.
Items to bring: PPE

All delegates will be asked to complete a standard medical questionnaire prior to course commencement.

Dates & Cost
Available on request