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Plant Operator Competency Training

Scope (Target Audience)
For operators of plant machinery. Competency assessment based program with coaching on safe practice

To ensure operators have a safe method of operating equipment, have an understanding of site rules and are able to identify potential hazards

Course Content
 operator and site safety
 vehicle daily check training
 operations coaching
 working with a banksman
 manoeuvre the equipment safely around the environment it will be operating in
 work safely with due care and attention
 changing attachments
 route planning
 emergency procedures

Assessment/Trade Test
Operator will be assessed throughout the training and tested on a relevant activity to type of equipment

Validation & Certification
2 years QISC certificate/card

Appropriate license to operate vehicle category

1 day course: Toolbox style presentation and practical workshop

Maximum 12 delegates

It is preferable to conduct training at client premises with client equipment.
A 25 sq/m area for training

Items to bring
Full PPE

Dates and Cost
On request