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Pool & Beach Lifeguard Awareness Training (2 Days)

1.Target Group
This course is aimed at anyone who will be responsible for the rescue of others from water in a benign environment (sheltered beaches & swimming pools)

2.Delegate Pre-requisites
I. Delegates must be strong swimmers with a high level of water confidence.
II. Delegates must be physically fit and in good health

3.Physical and Stressful Demands
This course will be both stressful & require strenuous training both in water and out. This includes swimming, underwater rescues, Manual handling of
casualties & associated rescue equipment.
Therefore, delegates will be required to undergo medical screening by completing appropriate medical screening form provided by QISC to ensure that
they are physically and mentally capable of participating fully.

4.Aims and Objectives
I. The physical fitness requirements of a pool & beach lifeguard
II. The roles & responsibilities of a pool & beach lifeguard.
III. The hazards associated with swimming pools & beaches.
IV. Lifeguard patrolling/observation methodology.
V. Various medical conditions associated with water activities, such as: shallow water blackout & secondary drowning.
VI. The role of a lifeguard & their course of action during an emergency.
VII. Shallow & deep water entry for lifeguards.
VIII. How to rescue conscious casualties in both shallow & deep water.
IX. How to rescue unconscious casualties in both shallow & deep water.
X. Recovery of a casualty from subsurface.
XI. Rescue of casualties using multiple techniques including those for spinal injuries.
XII. How to perform initial first aid to casualties, including CPR, AED’s & oxygen therapy.
XIII. Casualty Rescue using standard pool & beach equipment such as Perry buoys, rescue tubes, throwlines & reach poles.
XIV. Various rescue scenarios for delegates to practice their skills.

5.Learning Outcomes / Assessment Criteria
I. Delegates will be required to take a swim test, length & time dependent on their own facility size.
II. Delegates will have demonstrate competency in the rescue techniques they have learned via direct observation assessment of the trainer.
III. Delegates will complete a written exam at the end of the theory section of the course.
IV. Delegates will be required to demonstrate how to recover casualties from the water both on the surface & subsurface.
V. Delegates will have to demonstrate correct casualty handling techniques during rescue.
VI. Delegates will be required to demonstrate their first aid skills including CPR, AED & oxygen therapy techniques.
VII. Delegates will complete competency assessments through direct observation of their rescue scenarios by the instructor/assessor.

6.Delegate Performance Assessment / Certification / Validity
Delegate Performance Assessment: Assessments will be completed via written test & direct observation of delegates skills during scenario training.
Certification: QISC Approved Certification with Two years validity

7.Instructor & Delegate Ratio
1 instructor to 8 delegates to ensure safety during training.

8.Duration and Timing
2-day course = Lifeguarding skills & various complex lifeguarding scenarios.

9.Venue [-Location ]
I. Q.I.S.C Premises, Doha, Qatar.
II. Courses can be run at lifeguard’s usual area of operation on the basis
QISC instructors can visit the location in advance & access companies risk assessments along with preparing one for the training.

10. For more information
Please contact us direct for availability & costs:
Email: training@madinagulf.com
Tel: +974 4450 1223
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