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Slinger Banksman

Scope (Target Audience)
The Course is designed for personnel whose duties involve working with cranes.

At the end of the course the delegate should be able to –
Understand safety regulations regarding the use of cranes and lifting accessories.
Understand basic crane operating principles.
Understand how to control the load.
Understand how to lift and move in a confined space.
Understand limitations in lifting capacity.
Understand how to perform equipment checks. (Slings, shackles, eye bolts etc.) To be aware of the effect of sling angles on the S.W.L. / W.L.L.
Successfully complete a lifting proficiency test.
To understand the importance of good communications (hand signals, Radio) To be aware of the colour code system for lifting equipment.

Assessment –Theory
Continuous verbal assessment throughout the training.

Assessment – Practical
Observed, during lifting operations.

Course Content.
Law and Regulations
The Slinger – his obligations

The Operating Environment

Principles of Operation
Transport controls
Lifting controls

The effect of sling angles
Attaching slings to loads
Safety space

Load Stability
Prevent and counter any load swing
Weather conditions
Centre of balance

Lifting Capacity
Safe working Load (SWL)

Observation and Hazards
Observation of local hazards Distractions

Stacking & de-stacking
Transit from lifting / transport

Methods of signaling and communicating
Arm signals, radio, verbal.
Toolbox talk before commencing lifts.

Incident reporting
Injury case studies

Equipment checks.
Pre-use equipment checks Checking identity of tackle

Q.I.S.C. Certification

Pre requisite
No prior experience necessary.

1 day.

Minimum 4, maximum 10

Client’s own premises.

Items to bring
Full P.P.E.
 Safety hat.
 Safety glasses.
 Ear protection if necessary.
 Coveralls.
 Gloves.
 Safety foot wear.
The Client shall provide the crane and lifting equipment to be used for the practical sessions of slinging/banksman. In the case of the equipment not meeting
safety standards, the suitable replacements must be supplied. Items to be lifted should also be available (box, bars etc.).

Should be fit and agile, good eyesight.
All delegates will be asked to complete a standard medical questionnaire prior to the course.

Dates and Cost
On request.