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Supreme Committee| Medical Requirements for Projects

1.Target Group
The training programme is to be delivered for all site personnel who are responsible for ensuring medical requirements on projects are followed and
successfully achieved.

2.Delegate Pre-requisites

3.Physical and Stressful Demands
All personnel who participate in this training must be physically and mentally capable of participating fully.

4.Aims and Objectives
The aims and objectives of this programme is to engage site personnel with the medical requirements for project sites of the FIFA World Cup 2022.

5.Learning Outcomes / Assessment Criteria
 First Aid Unit / Private Clinic Licensing
 Medical Staff Licensing
 Medical Facilities
 Training Awareness Programs and Campaigns for Workers
 Emergency Response Plans
 Medical Emergency Drills
 Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Programs
 Medical Records Management
 Medical Screening

6.Delegate Performance Assessment / Certification / Validity
Delegate Performance Assessment: The level of knowledge gained by the delegate will be measured using pre-session and post-session questionnaire.
Certification: QISC Certificate with no expiry.

7.Instructor & Delegate Ratio
Minimum: 1:1
Maximum: 1:25

8.Duration and Timing
Not to exceed 8 hours of training per trainee

9.Venue [-Location ]
The training event will be held at training sites on the projects, if you wish to use the QISC Training Bus, please request from the training coordinators

10. For more information
Please contact us direct for availability or other courses
Email: sctraining@madinagulf.com
Tel: +974 4450 1223