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Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Road Awareness

Scope (Target Audience)
All relevant staff other than drivers, engaged in the warehouse operations of loading, transportation and offloading of dangerous goods as defined within
the carriage of dangerous goods by road regulations.

Covers all aspects of the carriage of dangerous goods and associated procedures necessary to ensure safe handling and correct operating procedures by
relevant staff.

Structure of the Course (Course Content)
 The Definition of Dangerous Goods
 Hazard communication
 Dangerous Goods Classification
 Using the regulations
 Packing Groups, packaging and labeling
 Emergency Procedures
 Vehicle markings – Signage and Placarding
 Loading and Unloading
The course is a competency based course and includes informal observational assessment plus formal assessments based on various exercises.

Pre Requisite

Certification & Approvals
QISC Certification

2 Years

Course Duration
1 Day

Number of Delegates
Minimum 4
Maximum 18

Held at Qatar International Safety Centre Premises Doha, or at clients premises if preferred