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VNA / MEWP Rescue from Height

*1. Target Group
The course is designed for operators of VNA trucks.

*2. Delegate Pre-requisites
There are no prerequisites for attending this course.

*3. Physical and Stressful Demands
Training and/or assessment activities may include physically demanding and potentially stressful elements. All personnel who participate in such activities
must be physically and mentally capable of participating fully.
Delegates will be required to complete a medical and/or fitness screening form to ascertain that they are fit to undertake this type of training.

*4. Aims and Objectives
The aim and objectives of the QISC VNA / MEWP Rescue from Height Training Programme are to equip the delegate with the necessary knowledge,
understanding and skills to perform an evacuation and self-rescue.

*5. Learning Outcomes / Assessment Criteria
 Introduction to the total escape system and its applications
 Personal safety and responsibility
 Assessing the best means of escape
 Locating and setting up of abseil equipment before climbing out of the VNA / MEWP
 Abseiling safely down to the ground using the rescue kit
 Gaining confidence in the rescue equipment and self-confidence to complete the escape
 Evacuation procedures
 Demonstration of use by trainer
 Practical and assessment

*6. Delegate Performance Assessment / Certification / Validity Delegates will be assessed against the learning outcomes using direct
observation and oral questions as appropriate.
Successful delegates will be issued a QISC certificate of competency valid for 2 years.

*7. Duration and Timing
The optimal contact for this course is 4 hours for 8 persons.

*8. Venue [Qatar International Safety Centre or Clients Site]
Training can be conducted at QISC or ‘on-site’ in the environment that delegates will be working in.

*9. For more information
Please contact us direct for availability & costs:
Email: training@madinagulf.com
Tel: +974 4450 1223
Fax: +974 4450 1220
www.qisc.net / www.madinagulf.com